Word of his Grace Christian Ministry
Saturday Worship @ 11:30am - 12:30pm
News Announcement

Saturday, September 2nd - Sabbath worship has resumed in person; however, we will continue our web-based video conferencing for those wishing to do so. Pleas contact us for more information.


Sabbath school (10:30am-11:05am): 'What Does the Bible say about...' series - We will be examing the various passages of scripture that pertain to practical living. 


Service message (11:30am-12:30pm): 'Great Questions Jesus Asked.'


Please contact us for any prayer requests, video conferencing, or additional questions. God bless!


Wednesday Nights Studies Postponed (7:00-8:00pm): Wednesday night studies have been temporarily postponed due to our Thursday night studies on Daniel & Revelation (6:30pm). Pastor Angel will begin teaching the book of 2 Kings on Wednesday nights, once the previous mentioned study has been completed.


Contact us for more info.


4110 Palm Avenue

San Diego, Ca. 92154

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