Word of his Grace Christian Ministry
Saturday Worship @ 11:30am - 12:30pm
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“It has been a real blessing to hear a message, do a Bible study, and fellowship with brother Angel Casas. Anointment by the Holy Spirit is evident and preparation is obvious as our brother delivers God’s word in authority and love. The grace and mercy of our Savior pours out as our brother allows the Lord to use him in every message. God’s truth, wisdom, and clarity in a surrendered servant will bless you every time.”


Your brother in Christ,  Auggie Gutierrez  



“It’s a honor and great opportunity to study under the teaching of God’s word through Angel Casas. For the few times I’ve been there, his teaching helped me with my walk with God. He has the gift of teaching through the power of the Holy Spirit! It builds me up in the faith of Christ and gives me confidence to read God’s word on a daily basis. I am very blessed to have a brother like Angel Casas that teaches the word of God with love and compassion. I thank God for him.”


Angel Hernandez 



“I have had the privilege of studying with Angel for over a year, searching the scriptures and cultivating a relationship with him and our LORD; this time has been very beneficial in my life. You never know what the future holds in our lives, as I met and married, we moved away from San Diego to Vancouver Washington. The LORD moves in mysterious ways in our lives, so studying for over a year twice a week has truly been a great blessing! The ministry of Word of His Grace Christian Ministry is a great blessing to be a part of. Pastors, Angel and Derek bring the word of GOD with passion and love, they have a deep and intimate relationship with our LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ; this is evident in the manner that they present the gospel, which is in truth and in a very practical way, in a way that helps us to live as Christians in today’s world.”


Sincerely your brother in Christ,  Jere Eide 




“I was blessed by the down to earth atmosphere of the church, the simplicity and clarity of the way the Word of God was presented and being able to use my voice in song as often as I wanted was a huge blessing.”